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 Water, Land, and People

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Watertight Solutions is a culturally mindful team of post-graduate trained professionals who embrace integrated resource management. We know that water, land, and people are inter-connected, and sound resource management doesn’t take one into account without the others.


With over 17 years of corporate experience and a diverse and talented team, Watertight Solutions bridges the gap between water, land, and people, and provides unparalleled professional consulting services in


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Watertight strives to provide a broad range of services to clients. In 1997 we were a successful, two-person corporation well recognized in the field of forest hydrology and watershed management.  In 2003, Watertight broadened its scope by integrating field-based water monitoring, GIS analysis, and watershed modeling.  In 2012, we expanded our services to include environmental and cultural impact assessment, aboriginal land and water issues, and capacity development.

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